Agricultural Loan

Our Agricultural Loan’s primary purpose is to finance the processes involved in farming – planting, harvesting, gathering and others.

This loan is provided to tillers, farmers, farm owners (corporations, single proprietorships, partnerships) cooperatives, compact farms and other individuals / entities who engage in agriculture as a source of livelihood to benefit the entire nation. The loan proceeds may be used for financing a land purchase, farm machines and equipments, supplies like fertilizers and seeds, poultry, livestock, work animals like carabaos, and other similar items.

  1. Agricultural Loan: Coco
    • An agricultural product available to cater to the needs of coconut famers
  2. Agricultural Loan: Rice
    • An agricultural product available to cater to the needs of rice famers.
  3. Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries
    • agrarian reform credit and financing system for the beneficiaries of agrarian reform, namely:
      • Tillers (“mga mag-uugmad”)
      • tenant-farmers (“mga saup”)
      • settlers (“mga lumulupyo”)
      • agricultural lessees (“mga mag-uumang nag-abang sa luna”)
      • amortizing owners (“mga mag-uumang naghulog sa ilang luna”)
      • owner-cultivators  (“mga mag-uumang nanag-iya ug luna”)
      • farmers cooperatives (“mga kooperatiba sa mga mag-uuma”)

Loan Purposes:

  • Production or acquisition of work animals  (carabaos, cows, horses)
  • Farm equipment and machinery:
    • mud boat
    • rice tresher
    • grass remover
    • hoe or “tagad”
    • spade or “pala”
    • other farm equipments and machineries
  • Purchase of farm implements:Acquisition of land
    • seeds (“binhi”)
    • fertilizer (“abuno”)
    • poultry (“mga manok”, “bebe”, “gansa”, “pabo”, ug uban pa)
    • livestock (“baboy”, “kanding”, “karnero”, ug uban pa)
    • feeds (“pagkaon sa mga hayupan”)
    • other similar items
  • Construction and/or acquisition of facilities for production, processing, storage and marketingPurchase of farm utility motor vehicles
    • Rice / corn / copra drier
    • Warehouse or “bodega”
    • Store

 Product Features:

  • Interest rates for as low as1.167%  per month no hidden charges and diminishing!
  • Optional loan term ranging between 6 months to 12 months.
  • Interest Rebates for advanced payments
  • High appraisal value for qualified collaterals!
  • Fast loan processing

With very affordable life insurance coverage adequate for the protection of the family

General Client Eligibility Requirements (Secured Loans):

  • Of legal ages between 21 to 70 years old
  • Owns/ possesses documents supporting an acceptable collateral (please see general documentary requirements)
  • Of good health
  • With livelihood activities

General Documentary Requirements for All Collateralized Loans:

  • Land Title
  • Tax Declaration (Lot)
  • Tax Declaration (Building), if required.
  • Latest Tax Receipts
  • Vicinity Map and Sketch Plan
  • Affidavit of Non-Tenancy (for agricultural lands 5 hectares and above)
  • Certification from the Registry of Deeds (new every 10 years)
  • Court Clearance
  • Certified True Copy of the Title from the Registry of Deeds
  • Building Pictures, if required
  • Income Tax Return (for loans applications for =P= 100,000.00)
  • TIN (photocopy or any proof on the correctness of the TIN)
  • Community Tax Certificate (photocopy)
  • Five (5) 2” X 2” Latest ID Pictures

Official Receipt for the Filing Fee (New Loan)