ATM Savings Deposit



 The depositor shall pay the appropriate fees/charges as may be provided under the prevailing policies on the following:

Minimum Initial Deposit P 100.00    
Maintaining Balance P 0    
Minimum ADB to earn interest. P 2,000.00    
Other Charges:      
Dormancy Charge P 10/month    
Closed Account P 20.00    
Maintenance fee for falling below required ADB for two consecutive months. P 10.00/month    
Request for SOA P 10.00/page    
Replacement of Lost ATM P 150.00    
Request for Bank Certification P 50.00/page    
 Transaction Limit:      
Maximum withdrawal amount per transaction 10,000.00    
Minimum withdrawal amount per transaction 100.00    
Maximum withdrawal amount per day 30,000.00    
Maximum Point-of-Sale (POS) transaction amount per day 30,000.00    
 ATM Transaction Charges:   


  Balance Inquiry Withdrawal Others
BancoDipolog to BancoDipolog 1.00 1.75  
BancoDipolog to any Bancnet/ExpressNet/Megalink 1.50 14.75  
Overseas ATMs $ 1.00 $ 3.50  
Bancnet/ExpressNet/Megalink to BancoDipolog ATM  Charges set by the issuing bank  
Bills Payment     P 0
Fund Transfer      
   Intra-Bank     P 0
   Inter-Bank     P 25.00


 The Employer must opened and maintained a Savings Deposit Account with the bank and will maintain ADB requirement:

  1.  P 100,000.00 for 10 employees or less with payroll less than 100k
  2. P 200,000.00 for 20 employees or less with payroll less than 200k
  3. P 500,000.00 for 20 employees and above
Particulars Charges
Minimum Initial Deposit P 100.00
Minimum ADB to earn interest P 500.00
Hold-out Deposit for account to remain open P 100.00
Monthly Required ADB depending on Company employment size
Maintenance fee for falling below ADB Required for two consecutive months P 10/month
Dormancy charge P 10/month


For Corporate:

  • Specimen signature card/s (Provided by the bank);
  • Client Information Sheet (CIS);
  • 2 pcs. Valid Identification Card of signatory (photocopied);
  • Two (2) pcs 2×2 ID pictures of signatory/ies;
  • Articles of Partnership/Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws;
  • List of Directors/Partners;
  • Notarized Board Resolution/Authority from Partners/Directors on the opening of the deposit account and authorized signatories for transaction involving deposit;
  • List of principal stockholders owning at least 2% of the capital stock;
  • Notarized resolution authorizing the rural bank to be the depository bank;
  • SEC Registration;
  • Special Power of Attorney, authorizing the person purporting to act on behalf of the client, and the identification of the said person.
  • MOA between BDI and client;


For Individuals:

  • Specimen signature card (Provided by the bank);
  • Client Information Sheet (CIS);
  • ATM Deposit Account (Terms and Conditions);
  • Valid Identification Card of signatory (photocopied);
  • Three (3) pcs2x2 ID pictures of signatory;